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Fiddlers Tour Sessions

Fiddlers Tour Sessions

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Tour is a "Round Robin" music session of local traditional fiddle music folk who meet every Tuesday night, all year round, in various places scattered throughout the Capital District. Our group plays a different local venue each month, only on Tuesdays. We are not a performance band. We are open to any age or ability. We go around the circle and each person takes a turn selecting tunes to play and the playing speed of those tunes (no pressure, you can pass on your turn, if you choose). Group size varies (8-25 musicians) from week to week and we never know who will show up. Our life and business backgrounds are varied, but the love of playing this style of music is shared by all. For the most part, the Venues we play are Pubs and Taverns, so please be aware that alcohol is served at almost every place that we play. Every Venue we play also serves food, as well as non-alcoholic beverages, for those who choose not to take advantage of whatever is on tap at the bar. The Venues we play do not charge us for the privilege of having a place to play, and many of them are small, 'Mom and Pop' establishments, so we encourage players to support the places we play, and order something. Without these wonderful proprietors, and their generous support, we would not even have places to gather to play together.

Beginners/Pros welcome! Books and sheet music are allowed. Bring a tune to share; we love to learn something new! Feel free to record the sessions for practice, or to learn a new tune.

This is a mixed ability group. Tune tempos depend on the ability of players present each week, and the speed each person selects for their pick. If you are just beginning, don't be afraid to select a tune to play, even if it's very slow. We've all been there. Ask us, and we can run through something slower. If you like speed, we have some folks that are up for the challenges. What we try for is a blend throughout the night.

He plays/She plays. Regional and stylistic tune variations abound, so one tune can have several different ways to be played (and several different names!) -- we learn from each other and pass it on.

Basic Jam/Session Etiquette:

Have a good time -- it's a jam, not a performance. We all make mistakes.
Tune, tune, tune your instrument -- sure, we're a relaxed bunch, but there is no such thing as "good enough for folk music." Out of tune is out of tune, and can throw off other players next to you.
Take turns going around the circle, rather than just start up a tune at any time. This lets everyone get a chance to play what they know. However, the "Tour After 10" jamming tends to be more open to "throwing a tune out on the floor," and may be faster paced.
Listen for the next tune call and be ready for your turn -- it can take nearly 2 hrs to get around a circle of 20 musicians. Being ready with your selections helps it move smoothly.

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